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Our Story

Our Founder Saj – A Scent Enthusiast…

It started with Saj sharing her love for perfumes and creative gifting.

THE PERFUME CLOSET started as an insta-blog where our founder Saj – a fragrance enthusiast – would share her passion for perfume.

Saj believes that life is wonderful and diverse; nothing sets the tone for lifes different occasions more perfectly than scent. For every one of life’s varieties there is a scent to suit and everybody should have a Perfume Closet to match life’s moments. Based on this ethos, Saj would regularly post her recent perfume discoveries and choices on different occasions and many people would lean towards her for fragrance recommendations  – be it for a job interview, date night, new signature scent or a special anniversary present.

Whilst Saj helped people navigate their next perfume purchase she found herself becoming a personal shopper for her audience. It just fell into place that she even began selling some of her recommendations through her Instagram page. As Saj became well known for her personalised scent-profiling sessions and subsequent recommendations, her client list grew. When she could no longer cope with the amount of enquiries and orders sliding into her DM’s, this website was born and her team grew.

Thus, Saj was inspired to develop her blog THE PERFUME CLOSET – as a brand.

She founded a store to support the website where scents could be experienced first hand and scent profiling sessions could be offered in a personal one-to-one setting. 

Variety is at the heart of what we offer at THE PERFUME CLOSET and we’re super proud that you can explore perfumes from all over the world with us alongside firm favourites from designer brands.

True to Saj’s belief of having a Perfume Closet where you can reach for a different perfume to suit various occasions, Saj has curated different ranges in store & online which can cater for you whether you wanted to reach for something casual that you could wear everyday from as little as £15 , or something uniqe & extra special from a prestige niche range as a signature scent for a day as big as your wedding day

What started as a personal passion took a wonderful turn for the better with many Brands supporting THE PERFUME CLOSET as a platform to retail their perfumes and connect them to new audiences. Still in our early years as a company, we continuously seek to sign up new brands to play to our strengths of focusing on fragrance and increasing the variety of perfumes we stock so that our customers and fans are spoilt for choice along their fragrance journey with us. 

Saj has brushed shoulders with some of the best in the industry to quench her thirst for knowledge and experience on a subject she is truly passionate about. She has learnt from Jo Malone about shop keeping and perfumery. She spent sometime with Roja Dove, participating in his infamous ‘nose-training and learning how to review a scent correctly. Sarah McCartney gave her valuable insights into the making and selling of perfume which lead to Saj revisiting Roja Dove for further training on the study of ingredients and the fragrance industry in depth. 

A note from Saj:

I want to experience the gardens of Grasse I learnt about, and the scented islands of Italy. I’m working on bringing together scents from around the world, different industries and price points to encourage the exploration of scent. You can continue to follow my story on my instapage where I will be posting updates on what I’m getting upto.

I hope to help you discover scents you never would have even thought to try. I’d love to bring enough variety for you at The Perfume Closet so that you #neverfacethedaywithoutscent.

Saj x

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